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    Intelligent Recruitment
    Intelligent recruitment aims to use artificial intelligence technology to optimize the key procedures of recruitment, reduce labor and material costs of recruiters and candidates, as well as improving the accuracy and efficiency of job matching, thereby making recruitment process more convenient and efficient.
  • We have launched a SaaS for smart interview, which is powerfully configured and lightly accessible. Recruiters can pre-set multiple forms of questions and customized evaluation metrics, while candidates can directly participate in interviews through the WeChat app. The system can automatically evaluate candidates' performance in six major dimensions and more than 30 minor dimensions during the recruitment process, and can intelligently detect and provide warning of the problems of video quality caused by equipment, network, etc. At present, the system has served many headquarter enterprises and public institutions and has been used in the interview for more than 200,000 candidates.
  • We have launched a vertical recruitment system for part-time employees in the arts and entertainment industry. The system can automatically obtain part-time casting calls posted on the Internet and remove duplicate information, intelligently filter advertisements and harmful information, and deliver notices to qualified part-time employees. To improve the display effect, the system can also intelligently analyze the information uploaded by part-time employees. At present, the system is open to over 60 major cities across China, with an average of over 6,000 visits per day.
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